Artist: Max Belobrov
Title: Flava
Label: Inside Out Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 11 April 2016
Cat No: IOR016


1. Max Belobrov – Flava
2. Max Belobrov – Critical

For the second release of 2016 Inside Out Records introduces Max Belobrov to the label family. Max is no stranger to the genre’s lovers, with his releases always hitting the underground spot. ‘Flava’ is no exception; a two-track techno delicacy, which will flourish any respected dancefloor.

The journey begins with the record’s homonymous track ‘Flava’. A disco flavored techno anthem that draws the listener in from the very beginning. Some would agree that there is a bit of Giorgio Moroder in those evolving arps; just enough old school disco flavor to give this piece a notch of nostalgia. ‘Flava’ succeeds to marry the old world with the new and the outcome is truly extraordinary.

On the B-side we find ‘Critical’. While maintaining the philosophy of ‘Flava’, ‘Critical’ moves away from the peak time feel and takes us to a dark warehouse. Instruments discover their trippy side and they seem more than comfortable. Trippy textures with a chaotic feel to them move hand to hand with menacing, ever-evolving synth lines and a steady drum groove that carries the enigmatically beautiful character of the track. ‘Critical’ promises to take both your mind and body to a journey and it doesn’t disappoint.