Artist: Neferiel
Title: Fear Of Depths
Label: Inside Out Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 30 May 2016
Cat No: IOR017


1. Neferiel – Fear Of Depths
2. Neferiel – Bright Young Things
3. Neferiel – The Jungle


Inside Out Records stands by its philosophy to support as a platform the finest electronic music regardless where it is coming from. The label has always been a home to established pioneers but also new talents. “Fear of Depths” is definitely a celebration of new talents. We are proud to present for the next release Neferiel, a young producer whose approach on music holds the innocence, spontaneity and organic values that make this record really stand out.

The record begins with the “Fear of Depths”. An al./ay of field recordings forms the palette used for the creation of this piece. There is a truly organic feel in this track; an intellectual deepness and an overall positivity, which make “Fear of Depths” a unique experience for the listener. The afore-mentioned values find themselves married to a driving rhythm and the outcome is a journey that every electronic music lover should take.

“Bright Young Things” follows. The track maintains the principles of the A Side but with a dancefloor twist A more driving beat accompanies the organic textures this time, all together meeting with an exceptional synth work to offer us this exceptional dancefloor gem.

Last but not least comes “The Jungle”. Neferiel actually manages to take us deep into the jungle through this composition. A well-crafted tribe jam, elevated by electronica elements, with certain Nicolas Jaar influences, that reveals the most mature side of the composer.