Artist: Nick Devon
Title: Enceladus
Label: Inside Out Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 22 February 2016
Cat No: IOR015


1. Nick Devon – Enceladus
2. Nick Devon – Gaussian
3. Nick Devon – Crescent Moon

2015 was an amazing year for Inside Out Records. The philosophy of the label of releasing elite sounding electronic music with a storytelling value is no secret among the international scene these days. For the first release of 2016 the label is introducing one of the most significant up and coming producers in Europe, whose music has been played intensively over the last few years in the most notorious dancefloors; we are talking about Nick Devon.

The first track on the record is Enceladus. In Greek mythology Enceladus was one of the giants, the off spring of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky), and was said to be the cause for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The fact that the track is named after a giant who claimed war upon the gods is no accident. From the first second the track makes a statement of intimacy. Growling synths, psychedelic strings combined with unworldly haunting textures skilfully sculpt this techno masterpiece.

Gaussian is to follow. Modulation paranoia of analogue tones accompanied by outer space atmospheres and dramatic keys shape the musical part of this piece. Drums are tight, menacing and always evolving; their nature being so controversial to the dreamy musical parts offers Gaussian its unique character.

To close the record comes Crescent Moon. Crescent Moon is not a track to enjoy with a glass of wine and dream; it’s a track to dance to until your body wont move, in a dark warehouse. Synths forger their manners and reveal their wild side. They scream, shout and rebel, forcefully demanding of you to join them in their unsafe trip.

Enceladus is a record of high aesthetic and eccentricity, setting the mood for what to expect from Inside Out Records in 2016.