For their next release, Inside Out Records return to Elijah Simmons’ dreamy Delphi EP, giving it the full remix treatment. The release features 4 remixes by an intriguing array of artists. First up, ‘Dream Sequence’ is reinterpreted by Naduve, fresh from a guest spot on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space radio show in NYC, who beefs up the original and creates a more club-focused track with spiralling, acid-tinged chord progression and sturdy percussion. Inside Out label bosses Alex Zed and Stevie R tackle the title track ‘Delphi’, entering with a jacking snare that becomes entwined with morphing synths and stuttered percussion. There’s a dark edginess that is unsettling, as much as it is captivating. ‘Close To You’ gets the honour of being remixed twice – Russian producer Max Belobrov speeds things up, throwing in elements of disco and 80s electro pop, while Atjazz associate Si Tew opts to keep the melancholic aesthetic of the original, with high pitched synths that rise and rise before fading away into white noise. Each remixer brings something new to the table, whilst managing to retain the atmosphere of Elijah Simmons’ originals.