Artist: Thomas A. S. & Daniele Kama
Title: Betelgeuse
Label: Inside Out Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 02 November 2015
Cat No: IOR013


1. Thomas A. S. & Daniele Kama - Alpha Centauri
2. Thomas A. S. & Daniele Kama - Betelgeuse
3. Thomas A. S. & Daniele Kama - Nemesis


Inside Out records proudly presents a new EP from Thomas A.S. & Daniele Kama, entitled Betelgeuse. It features three absorbing tracks of minimal, soulful house music and is a fine coming together of these top Italian talents. Between them this pair have been producing infectious cuts on labels like Baile Musik and Act Natural as well as Yumaand Sanity, but now serve up their best work.

Alpha Centauri is a super absorbing track with eatery light precision and rubbery drums sucking you into the groove. Moody synths smear out to the edges to add a sense of infinity to the tack as gentle waves break below.

Betelgeuse is then a harder hitting thing, with more spangled synths riding up and down the scale while tough drums kick out a pattern below. It is sparse and spaced out and really gets you locked in.

Finally, Nemesis is the slowest and most spiritually soothing of the lot, with its lazy groove, hiccuping beats and tripped out sense of futuristic soul.

This is a fine EP of sumptuously produced club sounds that are designed for discerning floors everywhere.