Inside Out Interviews Episode 05 : Dwra Belegrinou


1.  Who is Dora….? Tell us about yourself

I am a visual artist. My work includes painting, video art, installations, animations and graphic art. My studies include diverse paths and that in a way is reflected in my work. I have a   degree in physics, in fine arts and a master in digital arts.

2.  What is your style as an art designer and how do you see yourself in it

It mostly depends on the subject and I always love to try different things. I am open to new ideas and projects that challenge me to be creative and force me to experiment with different styles each time. So I wouldn’t say that I have a particular style, but my work is clearly anthropocentric and there are some keypoints that keep reappearing. Human body, gender, social behaviors, feelings of resignation and passivity, loneliness, a need to provoke others to think about or see something in a new way, to expose the real

3.  What is your favorite material to use in your artworks?

I work in varied media. I could be working on a painting with oils and then my next piece could be video.  I use whatever media allow me to express my ideas more accurately. In painting I prefer oils and aquarelles although in my latest project I use digital images and carbon paper.

4.  Inspiration! Where does it come from?

I seek it from all sorts of sources; I think about my friends, people in the street, films, books, exhibitions. It could come from little everyday things to a major break down. Usually at first is a vague idea siting inside for  a while and then by asking questions it will begin to take its form and emerge .But I believe that the most important part is spending time in my own head.

5.  What led you to your collaboration with Inside Out Records?

The aesthetics of Inside Out Records is in the same path with my work. Dreamy, imaginative, sensitive, with a sense of humor and irony at the same time. Also the cooperation has been fantastic. I feel free to try different ideas and the communication is always effective and accurate.

6.   What is beautiful for you?

For me beauty is vulnerable, passive, empathetic, fatal, old and almost forgotten. It exists inside and sometimes you have the chance to take glances of it in the outside word.


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