Inside Out Records Showcase 003

Inside out records is nearing its first birthday and is celebrating with an astonishing event at the infamous Cafe 1001.

An extravaganza showcase which will embrace your mind, body and soul and take you on a trip of live instruments, illustrations and a breathtaking line upof djs from around the world.

The UK based label proudly presents its special guest, Roland Appel, one of the most influential German producers and djs with releases from Life And Death to Poker Flat Recordings, and recently on Inside Out Records.

The tale of Inside Out continues and we want you to be a part of it…

Resident Advisor



Room 1

Roland Appel [ Life and Death / Poker Flat / Inside Out

Alex Zed [ Inside Out ]

Stevie R [ Inside Out]

J-Son [ Inside Out ]

Along with live percussion from Ian McKenzie


Mister Bristow [ Detox Recordings, BBP Recordings ] 

Katrin Ka [ Spirit Soul / Inside Out ] (3)





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